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Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy together with the Site’s Terms of Use jointly constitute an agreement between the User and the Museum and, consequently the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use should be read carefully prior to use of the Site. The use of the masculine gender in this Privacy Policy is for the sake of convenience and inclusively pertains to both women and men.
  1. The Museum, which develops and operates the Site, places significant emphasis on safeguarding the privacy of Browsers and Users of the Site. Every effort is made to protect their privacy.
Provision of Personal and Other Information
  1.  “Personal Information” refers to any information by means of which it is reasonably possible to identify the User and/or information protected by the Protection of Privacy Law.
  2. The provision of any information by the User on the Site is not obligatory and is not a condition precedent to browsing and using most of the Site’s services; however, providing certain information will be required to obtain certain services (for example, ticket sales), as to be defined by the Museum from time to time, to protect the Museum’s rights and enable the provision of these services, and in order to join the Museum’s subscribers’ club. You have no legal obligation to provide the information, and its provision is your decision and subject to your consent. In the event that you do not wish to provide the information, we request that you not make use of the Site or said service.
  3. You must provide only correct, accurate and full details. Failure to submit the full details required is liable to prevent you from using the Site’s services where registration is necessary, harm the quality of the service provided to you and impair our ability to contact you. In addition, you are asked not to provide personal information of a third party but to refer them to us so that they can provide the information, in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  4. Information regarding a User will appear on the Site only with the User’s consent.
  5. Information and personal data provided by a User to the Site will be saved in the database owned by the Museum, called “The Museum Subscribers Database.”
  6. The User declares that the information they provide as well as their consent to this Privacy Policy also constitute consent to saving the information in the database.
  7. The User declares and affirms that any information they entered and/or that was collected about them on the Site and which they did not request to remove, is information that was provided voluntarily to the Museum and with their consent. No legal obligation applies to the User to provide the information, which depends exclusively on their own free will and consent. 
  8. The information collected and stored in the database will be used solely in accordance with this Privacy Policy and/or pursuant to the provisions of law, for the following purposes: sending updates concerning events at the Museum and Museum Square [Kikar Hamusica] (direct mailing); statistical analysis of subscribers’ preferences and optimizing service; streamlining ticket sales, various advertising uses and data analysis for Company requirements. 
  9. The User may request to be removed from the mailing list and/or the database subject to the provisions of law by means of clicking the “Remove” link that appears in every newsletter or by contacting the Museum at the address [email protected]. In the event of a request to be removed as stated, the Museum may, at its discretion, cancel the User’s registration for one of the Museum services, including their removal from the subscribers’ club.
  10. Personal information will not be disclosed to any other entity; however, such information or part thereof will be held by external providers of the database who have access to the technical and ongoing management of the database and subscribers’ club.
  11. In the event that the Museum intends to share the User’s information with another entity in a manner that differs from the aforesaid, the Museum will first contact the User and provide the option to have their information removed from the database, unless the User has already given prior consent, as stated.
  12. According to the Protection of Privacy Law, every individual has the right to access their information held in the database. If a person has reviewed their information and finds it incomplete, unclear or not updated may contact the database owner with a request to correct or remove the information. In such a case, please contact the Museum at the email address: [email protected].
Creating Content and Publishing Users’ Content The Museum is likely to permit you to enter a variety of content on the Site, such as a statement of opinion, responses, photographs, videos, ideas, offers and public comments. When providing content for publishing you affirm and authorize that you are the rights holder of the content and that you are authorized to provide them for publication. In addition, by providing content you affirm and confirm that you are not violating the privacy of any other individual. By providing content for publication on the Site or by means of the Site, whether or not it is published, you grant the Company and any other entity on its behalf permission to use the content. Within this context, you agree and permit the Museum to publish this content on the Site and additional means of communication, including Museum publications, or to use the information to streamline service and handling of complaints, all at the Museum’s discretion. Furthermore, you agree that the Museum may publish or use your name and any personal information that appears in the information you entered (for example, residential address) as part of its publications. In the event that you do not permit the use of personal information that you entered, you must inform the Museum.
  1. You must ensure that the content you upload, either for yourself or by entities authorized on your behalf, is lawful. Inter alia and solely to illustrate the matter, the following content may not be presented on the Site:
  • Any content that harms or violates the proprietary rights of others, including copying and/or distributing photos for which you, or those authorized on your behalf who upload content to the Site, do not have permission to use or upload to the Site;
  • Any content that jeopardizes the safety, security or health of any individual;
  • Any content that personally identifies other individuals without consent having been given to publish their identity or any content pertaining to minors that identifies them, their personal information or their address and manner of contacting them (provided that this information was given or its publication approved by the entity authorized by law to upload such content);
  • Any unlawful content including content that constitutes libel or violates the privacy or good name of any individual; 
  • Any content that presents minors sexually;
  • Any content that is pornographic or sexually explicit or constitutes harassment, is offensive, hostile, threatening, crude or offends public sentiment;
  • Any content that contains or encourages racism or discrimination inappropriately based on race, national origin, skin color, ethnic community, nationality, religion, gender, occupation, sexual orientation, illness, physical or mental disability, faith, political view, or socio-economic status;
  • Any content that encourages committing a criminal offense or is likely to constitute grounds for a  civil liability claim;
  • Any information with access blocked by means of a password and the like, which is not freely available to all Internet users;
  • Any content prohibited by law, including according to court orders prohibiting publication or according to these Terms of Use;
  • Any content that falsely states or suggests that the said content is under the Museum’s auspices or is promoted by the Museum or which comprises malice or deceit in any other aspect;
  • It is clarified that the Museum has no duty to examine, alter or monitor Site content. Nonetheless, the Museum reserves the right (but is not obligated) to examine the Site content, to refuse to present content that was uploaded, to modify or delete immediately at any time Site content you forwarded to the Museum if you violated the Terms or performed an act or omission that harms or is liable to harm the services, Users, the Museum or anyone on its behalf, or for any other reason subject to our exclusive discretion. The provisions of this section add to the Museum’s rights in accordance with law and do not obligate the Museum to monitor the Site’s content.
  1. It is clarified that the User is prohibited from creating links to the Site or embedding links to the Site on any third-party sites, which violate any of the abovementioned sections.
  2. You bear the sole responsibility and cost for backing up any content you upload to the Site. We do not provide cloud storage services and there are no charges for this service. We do not undertake that the content presented on the Site, whether uploaded by the Site manager or by other users, will be saved in perpetuity and, accordingly, you are responsible for creating a copy of any content you upload. We disclaim any liability for damages that may to be caused to you or to third parties due to the loss of this content. In the event that you believe that the Site content is harmful, misleading, inaccurate, unlawful or fails to comply with the provisions of these Terms of Use, please act in accordance with the instructions that appear under the title “Procedure for Notice and Removal” below.
“Procedure for Notice and Removal”
  1. If you are of the opinion that any content and/or works under your ownership presented on the Site violate your intellectual property rights, including copyrights and/or invade your privacy and/or are offensive and/or inappropriate and/or constitute defamation and/or contain pornography, please contact us with a request for its removal (to the following email address [email protected] or via the “Contact Us” form). Please accurately identify the content in violation, specify your claims and attach supporting documents to substantiate this claim, and provide contact information including your email address, name and identifying details. If the content is be found to be a violation of your rights it will be removed as soon as possible and an email notice will be sent to you regarding the matter. As indicated above, since we do not undertake to monitor the content uploaded to the Site by Users, we will not be aware that content in violation is published there without your contacting us. We disclaim liability for content in violation, as stated herein in this section.
  2. Without derogating from the aforesaid, we reserve the right, at any time and at our sole discretion, with or without receiving a specific request, to remove and/or delete and/or replace any content, information or link uploaded to the Site and/or to refuse to enter data or upload it to the Site without having to provide grounds for such decision. Furthermore, we reserve the right to cancel the registration of a User of the Site and/or to block access to the Site and/or to prohibit a certain User from publishing additional content on the Site, all at our exclusive discretion.
Information Collected When Site Is in Use
  1. For internal purposes only, we collect the date, time, browser type, operating system type, IP address of visitors to the Site, address of the page on which the visit was made and address of the referral page.
  2. In addition, the Company may collect and use services of any third parties to collect and analyze and/or attach from a variety of sources information, which by its nature is anonymous, statistical or aggregate, including information pertaining to your details and activities on the Site, browsing and viewing habits on the Site, demographic information and the like.
  3. This information is saved for purposes of system management, balancing the Site’s server load to produce statistical reports and locating User information in matters of life and death. The IP addresses are not connected to personal identifying information on the Museum servers.
  4. The default of most browsers enables accepting Cookies. You have the option to redefine your browser so that it will not accept Cookies or to define it so that it indicates when a Cookie was sent to your computer. Please note: Some applications on the Site will not operate as intended on a computer blocked from accepting Cookies and the Museum disclaims any liability with respect thereto.
  5. For your information – the Museum may work with third parties responsible for some advertisements on the Site. It is possible that Cookies from Museum advertisers will occasionally be sent to you. The Museum does not control these Cookies. Sending Cookies by third parties is standard practice on the Internet and the Museum disclaims all liability with respect to the dispatch of Cookies by its advertisers and/or third parties.
  1. The Museum is not responsible for the privacy rules and policies of other sites to which links appear on the Site. Users must examine these privacy rules and policies on other sites and any information Users provide to said sites is fully at the Users’ own exclusive risk.
  2. The Museum offers a newsletter service to send updates and a variety of information by email or via SMS messages or other means of communication, which you provided to the Museum (mailings). Users who wish to join this service to receive information, updates or various advertisements from the Museum can provide identifying details (first name, surname and email) and give their consent to this service by filling out a form. A User will be able to cancel their consent at any time and stop receiving updates by contacting the Museum at the address: [email protected].
Amendments to the Privacy Policy
  1. The Museum reserves the right to amend, from time to time, the provisions of the Privacy Policy (the date for the last update of this Privacy Policy is as it appears at the top of this document). Accordingly, we suggest that you become updated with regard to the Privacy Policy from time to time. We will inform Users with regard to any substantial change in the terms of this Privacy Policy on the Site’s Home Page. Substantial changes will enter into effect fourteen (14) days after notice was delivered on the Site. All other changes in the Privacy Policy will enter into effect immediately. Continued use of the Site following an amendment of the Terms of Use constitutes your consent to the new terms of the Privacy Policy. In the event that the Privacy Policy will be amended to comply with any lawful demand, the amendments may enter into effect immediately or as required by law and without any prior notice. If you disagree with the new terms, refrain from making any additional use of the Site.
Contact Us
  1. The Museum protects the right to privacy of Site Users and other Users. If you have been harmed by the Site and you are concerned about your privacy or any other issue, please contact us by email at the address: [email protected] or by What’sApp chat at telephone no. 02-5406505 and we will make every effort to respond to your message kindly and promptly.

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