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Accessibility Statement


The Hebrew Music Museum is located in an existing building which is subject to a preservation plan. It aims to serve as a bridge between the remote and the diverse, to bring joy, unite, and connect the entire human spectrum through the language of the heart – music. You are invited to read here about the museum’s vision, exhibitions, and the interactive activities it offers.

Website Accessibility

The Internet is now the largest repository of information freedom for all users, especially for those with disabilities. As such, we place great importance on providing equal opportunities for people with disabilities to access the information presented on the website and to enhance their browsing experience.
We strive to ensure that digital services are accessible to people with disabilities, and therefore, substantial resources have been invested in making the website as user-friendly as possible, out of a belief that every person deserves to live in equality, dignity, comfort, and independence.
The Museum’s website is accessible in accordance with the Israeli standard (IS 5568) for Internet content accessibility at level AA and the international WCAG 2.1 document.

How Does Accessibility Work on the Website

The website features an accessibility button. Clicking the accessibility button opens a menu that contains the accessibility options. After selecting a topic from the menu, wait for the page to load.
The software works in popular web browsers such as Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. Responsibility for the use and application of the website applies to the website owners and/or those acting on their behalf, including the content presented on the website, subject to limitations and software terms of use.

Accessibility Options in the Menu:

Keyboard navigation – Provides the option for keyboard navigation
Font enlargement and reduction
Dark mode
Font style change for a more readable font
Display magnification up to 500%
Links are marked an underline
Links are highlighted with a background color
Accessibility statement

Contacting the Accessibility Coordinator:

If you encounter any accessibility-related issues while navigating the website, the Museum’s Accessibility Coordinator is available through various channels to address accessibility matters. We welcome your feedback.

Contact Information for the Museum’s Accessibility Coordinator:

Name: Sharona Derhi 

Phone: 02-5406505

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 10 Moshe Solomon Street, Jerusalem

Physical Accessibility Arrangements at the Museum, Support Systems, and Associated Services:

The Museum, its support systems and the services provided are made accessible in accordance with the Equality of Rights for Persons with Disabilities Law and the regulations enacted thereunder.

Museum Facilities:

  • Accessible corridors are available throughout the Museum – corridors have a minimum width of 100 cm.
  • Accessible doors – free passage width of at least 80 cm.
  • Accessible stairways –handrails allowing for both right and left-handed support.
  • Accessible elevator – suitable for one wheelchair user and an accompanying person, with a minimum passage width of 110 cm.
  • Accessible restroom – stall with corner toilet and accessible entrance, located on Floor –1, adjacent to the women’s restroom facilities.

External Museum Surroundings – Accessible Entry from Music Square:

  • Paths, roads, and stairs outside the building are accessible, including railings, handrails, and warning signs (buttons) on the floor for the visually impaired at entrances and in front of the stairs.
  • Accessible entrances and doors allowing wheelchair access.
  • Clear paths are provided for those with visual impairments, both outside and inside the building.

Accessible Parking Spaces:

Accessible public parking spaces are available subject to the parking rates set by the Municipality of Jerusalem.

This document was last updated on 6/11/2023.

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