Music Square restaurants

Kinor Bakikar

Meat chef restaurant chef Kobe conducted by small, square Violin restaurant atmosphere light, dynamic and pleasant. The restaurant's menu is based on grilled dishes grilled Great herald, fresh fish and meticulous, a variety of fresh salads, dishes made with seasonal ingredients and warm baked bread each diner's place Taboon

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Nachman's restaurant is kosher chef restaurant-style flavor Land of Israel touches from around the world located in a new complex of Music Square picturesque neighborhood of Nahalat Shiva. Nachman is a great option for those who want to enjoy a rich breakfast and pampering, lunch and dinner against the backdrop of soothing music playing in the square and various performances.

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Family businesses Jerusalem and cozy atmosphere located in a historic building in Nahalat Shiva. The menu combines the simplicity of Italian and uncompromising quality while ensuring the materials use only the freshest ingredients. The restaurant space filling baking smells of Italian pastries suggest its use as the building of the local mafia century ago

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Blue Music Hall

Bar Restaurant and portfolio offering its clients quality and luxury in a warm and authentic heart of downtown Jerusalem. The Blue Hall Music "was created entirely from music and offers nightly performances from the best artists and a variety of styles.

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Are invited to enjoy a rich menu of chef dishes accompanied by a rich bar and high-quality alcohol. Gormndiz: Parisian French restaurant where you can enjoy breakfast with fresh pastries and quality, savory crepes, fish, salads and of course the desserts of Chef Joel Afrayat.

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