2017-02-22 07:26:55

The guidelines: Eldad Levi

Creator, composer and musical arranger, director and visionary of the Museum
Music Hebrew, Persian Santur Player, Percussion
And Kamancheh born, researcher and performs classical musical traditions
Mostly original compositions from the land of Israel, Middle East
And Central Asia, most of deepening music Temple periods
And in particular the different music that evokes daily labor per meeting
And a deep desire for ourselves.

2017-02-22 07:32:45

Weigel Hemlock

A music teacher from the East, composer and musical director of the
The trend of music from the Middle yeshiva high school musical "Violin
Uncle". Almost appears regularly as a musician in various ensembles framework
Poetry Festival in Jerusalem. Among other things, recorded and performed regularly
International artist David D'Or, Ehud Banai in various settings,
Binihn- Poetry Festival in Jerusalem. Appeared as part of an ensemble
Dove's poetry operation Rabbi Israel Nagara, it established Professor
She is also. Barry Sakharov, Yonatan Razel, Meir Banai, Lior
Elmaleh and more ....

2017-02-22 07:35:15

sympathetic Abraham

Artist Chazanout, poetry and singing Spanish and Yemen. The area of poetry,
Purchasing authentic liturgical poems and parents at the school for cantors and song
Jerusalem, shared and performed with a variety of artists in the country,
The main area of deepening the singing of "Diwan" Yemeni and singing
According to Spanish prayer Eastern maqam theory.

2017-02-22 07:50:57

Maqam Rust Session 4

Inner meaning of Maqam Rast this head in and end, is a father and head of Lmkamim in Persian means the name sound right, right, right, expresses festive, optimism and respect his time between day and night, soul-express scale Rust inside job of bowing and Hcnah-] on the one hand [correction pride and all the implications that the work of God,] on the other hand [leader of Divinity and that implies more ...

2017-02-22 07:58:45

Maqam Nava Session 1

Inner meaning of Nava Maqam
Is the beauty and majesty meaning of the word Nava
Persian-Hebrew-tune and delicate beauty.
Cam's play time is cost Nava
Dawn turn first light controller
Emanating It also symbolizes beginnings,
Birth, renewal, gentle. It was Maqam
Old Jewish music widespread
Prayers and Poems. Symbolizes the soul
Nava Maqam regeneration, housing starts
News, Discovery, and another good point ..