Kikar hamusica

The Music Museum is part of the renovation of Jerusalem's city center and is part of the renovation of houses, neighborhoods, gardens, buildings, light railway buildings and cultural development that has intensified in recent years.
The Music Square is the fruit of many years of the Hebrew people's passion and the best way to shed light on the nations of the world.

Free Concerts at the square

Live performances in different styles on the square stage throughout the day

As members of the club, we will update you first once a month
  • On free entrance impressions
  • Special events and musical workshops

Restaurants in the square

The complex has a variety of kosher restaurants in various concepts for your enjoyment
Picolino, Gormendin, violin in the square, Nachman, Blue Hall, Andalucia


gift shop

From miniatures of musical instruments, CDs, clothes and ornaments to original gifts for home and family - all in a musical atmosphere that will leave you with a taste of more ...


Art Gallery

Beautiful art products that all represent music

להצטרפות למועדון החברים שלנו
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