The entrance is the only interactive


Tight training

Each group / tablet will be given a guided tour to the experiential guide "Grandpa Levi". (With advance registration).

Great fun for kids and pure adult fun!


Interactive activities

The tour takes place in an impressive architectural structure - including 7 spaces according to the different cultures presented in it. Each space has interactive possibilities such as playing musical instruments, digital music games and an empowering virtual experience that allows you to tour the Temple using VR technology [the only one in the world].


An exhibition of ancient musical instruments

Our visitors enjoy sounds, cultural richness, technological experiences and a fascinating architectural journey whose purpose is to unite and connect all the distant and different, touch the wind, the earth and our roots that are rooted in the countries of exile: Central Asia, Morocco and Andalusia, Iraq, Syria and Egypt, Europe and Ashkenaz, Balkan, Africa and Ethiopia, Yemen and Hebrew space.

The museum has an exhibition of rare and ancient musical instruments from different periods in history and large diasporas that are displayed along an experiential tour accompanied by innovative technological means.

How it all began?

The museum was opened on 12.04.2016 by Laurent Levy, a businessman and CEO of the Optical Center chain.

He fulfilled his vision of a single, unique museum that could connect all the humanities through the language of the heart - the music.

Our vision

Music can unite, heal,
To delight and awaken the
inner goodness in each and
every one.

where are we?

In the heart of the picturesque Jerusalem neighborhood, Nahalat Shiva, on Yoel
Moshe Salomon Street 10, the museum is part of the Music Square project.

Arrival map

arrival map
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